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Devon, AB

Current Weather

Devon, AB

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      • Outlook

        Mostly cloudy. Low temperature around -9C. Dew point will be around -9C with an average humidity of 84%. Winds will be 11 kph from the WNW.

        Current conditions

        Currently: -4°C

        Feels Like: -9.3°C

        Winds: NW NW 14.8km/h

        Humidity: 68.5%

        Dew Point: -9°C

        Pressure: 995kPa

    By the hour

    Time Temp (°C) Wind (km/h) Precipitation (mm) Precipitation probability
    7pm -3 14 WNWWNW 0 0%
    8pm -4 14 WNWWNW 0 0%
    9pm -4 14 WNWWNW 0 0%
    10pm -5 14 WNWWNW 0 0%
    11pm -6 14 WNWWNW 0 0%




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