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Bright Sand, SK

Current Weather

Bright Sand, SK

Last Responded:
Feels like 9.1°C
  • Wind NNE 3.2km/h
  • Dewpoint 7°C
  • Humidity 90%
  • Pressure N/A


Tonight: 7°C

Outlook for today


0% chance of precipitation


High: 16°C Low: 9°C

Up to 4.9mm precipitation

PRECIPITATION AND WIND Full hourly forecast ›

4.7mm50% chance
H 11°C L 9°C

NNE NNE 4km/h

H 16°C L 12°C

NNE NNE 9km/h

H 16°C L 10°C

WNW WNW 11km/h

H 10°C L 7°C

WNW WNW 8km/h

DAILY FORECAST Full 10-day forecast ›


H 21°C L 12°C


H 24°C L 16°C


H 20°C L 9°C


H 20°C L 12°C


H 20°C L 11°C


Highest temp Lowest temp Overnight low Strongest wind Rainfall
Today (so far) 6.1°C at 5am 3.8°C at 2am 3.8°C at 2am 0.0km/h at 1am 0.3mm
Yesterday 14.8°C at 5pm 0.7°C at 6am 0.7°C at 6am 9.4km/h at 3pm --mm

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Weather News

Prairie hail claims pass 10,000 for year

August 16, 2019

MarketsFarm — More than 10,000 claims for hail damage have been filed by Prairie farmers so far in 2019 with insurance companies belonging to the Canadian Crop Hail Association. Between July 27 and Aug. 6, hail on the Prairies saw farmers add 900 claims alone, according to a CCHA press […]

Weather extremes devastate yields: study

August 15, 2019

International researchers have more precisely measured how extreme weather events driven by a changing climate can devastate crop yields. Hot and cold temperature extremes, drought and heavy precipitation account for 18 to 43 percent of variations in global yields for maize, spring wheat, rice and soybeans. “Climate extremes such as heat waves or droughts can […] Read more

The post Weather extremes devastate yields: study appeared first on The Western Producer.

Winter wheat harvest varies by province

August 15, 2019

MarketsFarm — Depending where a farmer is located, Canada’s winter wheat crop has varied this year. Ontario has long been the country’s powerhouse for winter wheat. Statistics Canada projected the province’s farmers to seed just over one million acres this year, nearly 75 per cent of Canada’s total winter wheat […]

Saskatchewan canary seed crops may not recover

August 15, 2019

MarketsFarm –– Canary seed crop yields may be hampered by dry early summer conditions, and rain that didn’t come quite soon enough. Saskatchewan’s west-central region, home to the lion’s share of the province’s canary seed crops, received very little rain during the spring and early summer. “That area was beyond […]

Planning for weather continues to be farmers’ biggest wild card

August 8, 2019

OYEN, Alta. — It seems intuitive but weather rules everything on a grain farm. “Of all the things that might drive your yield, the weather is going to drive all of it. It is one of the things you can’t control so we plan everything around what you might expect to happen; then we pray […] Read more

The post Planning for weather continues to be farmers’ biggest wild card appeared first on The Western Producer.

Ag News

Tyson Foods slaughterhouse fire ignites U.S. beef prices

August 17, 2019

CHICAGO,  (Reuters) – Margins for U.S. beef processors climbed to a record high on Friday as the closure of a Tyson Foods Inc slaughterhouse due to a damaging fire last week fueled concerns about a shortage of hamburger meat and steaks. The indefinite shutdown sent meat buyers for restaurants, food service companies and grocery chains […] Read more

The post Tyson Foods slaughterhouse fire ignites U.S. beef prices appeared first on The Western Producer.

Republican Iowa senator says Trump EPA hurt farmers with biofuel waivers

August 17, 2019

WASHINGTON, (Reuters) – Iowa’s Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said the Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency has “screwed” the U.S. ethanol industry and farmers by granting waivers to 31 small petroleum refineries, effectively exempting them from an obligation to use more ethanol in their products. The powerful senator, who represents the largest ethanol-producing state in the […] Read more

The post Republican Iowa senator says Trump EPA hurt farmers with biofuel waivers appeared first on The Western Producer.

USDA attache to Canada predicts larger wheat crop

August 16, 2019

MarketsFarm — A new report from the Ottawa-based attache to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) has raised its estimate of total wheat production in Canada for 2019. The report Thursday from attache Phil Hayes increases FAS’s estimate of wheat production in Canada for 2019 to 32.65 […]

Funds cover canola short positions

August 16, 2019

MarketsFarm — Fund traders covered some of their large net short position in canola during the week ended Tuesday, according to the latest commitment of traders (CoT) report from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The net managed money short position in canola came in Tuesday at 66,293, a […]

Cash wheat: Bids mixed, watching futures and currency

August 16, 2019

MarketsFarm — Wheat bids in Western Canada were narrowly mixed during the week ended Thursday, with losses in U.S. futures countered by support from a softer Canadian dollar. The Canadian dollar was down by roughly a third of a cent relative to its U.S. counterpart, while the futures were all […]

Canola futures stronger; wheat steady

August 16, 2019

Winnipeg, (MarketsFarm) – The ICE Futures canola market was stronger on Friday, taking some direction from Chicago Board of Trade soybeans as traders squared positions ahead of the weekend. Speculative short-covering was a feature as fund traders took some profits on their bearish bets, according to a trader. Solid crush margins added to the firm […] Read more

The post Canola futures stronger; wheat steady appeared first on The Western Producer.

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