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Video: Rye cover crop springs to life

Last fall Mike Seifert Jr. of Ravenview Farms in Minnesota seeded a late-fall rye cover crop in 2019 after a late soybean harvest (sound familiar)? But Mike was concerned his rye cover wouldn’t have time to germinate before the snow fell. Well, let’s just say he was pleasantly surprised when he went to check on […]

Video: Can warm weather help stop the coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has dominated headlines in recent days across North America, with some media organizations fielding the question if the return of warm weather may curtail the virus’ spread. This report courtesy of WWLP in Massachusetts recently looked to answer that question for its viewers. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on YouTube […]

Video: Maintaining stored forage quality

Weather conditions can greatly impact the feed matter quality of stored forages. If you are fortunate enough to have good winter feed left over this spring, it may be because you stored it properly, a topic discussed in this webinar by Alberta Agriculture which also explores the economics of feed storage. If you’ve found an […]

Video: Frozen homes

Homes along the shores of Lake Erie have gone viral due to the incredible amount of ice that formed on their exteriors after a recent winter blast. Hopefully Mother Nature will be kind enough to send some sunshine to these homeowners soon to help melt these frozen facades. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on […]

Video: Controlling temperature and moisture in grain bins

Alberta Agriculture has a broad range of videos designed to offer useful information for both crop and livestock producers. In this video, Joy Agnew of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute offers ideas on how you can help make your grain storage efforts a success. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on YouTube that other producers […]

Video: Snow on the Wisconsin farm

On her homestead in Wisconsin, ‘mamaofthewild1s’ on YouTube recently took a walk-around her farm with her gentle giants (re: big dogs)  to check in on the chickens and horses after a considerable amount of snow fell in the area. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on YouTube that other producers may want to see, send […]

Video: Artisans of ice and snow

The much-anticipated winter festival ‘Festival du Voyageur’ kicks off this week in Winnipeg. One of the highlights each year is the international snow sculpting symposium where sculptors from around the world impress festival visitors with their skill and imagination. This video from 2019 offers a glimpse of what these artisans of ice and snow are […]

Video: Hope floats for asparagus

Flooding on Vancouver Island has put Shelter Farm’s asparagus crop in question. According to the person recording the video on Feb. 1, this field was under two feet of water. And while asparagus can reportedly survive short periods of flooding, I’m sure the growers will feel a sense of relief once all this water recedes. […]

Video: Fixin’ the freeze

What do you do when a water fountain out in the field freezes solid? Put on some cold weather gear, grab a few tools and get to work, of course. See how this duo at Larson Farms dealt with the impressive ice tower seen here that stopped the water flow exiting their tile drainage system. […]

Video: Snowed-in in Newfoundland

If you’ve seen the news coming out of Newfoundland in recent days – or if by chance you were in the region, you likely felt slightly trapped by the sheer volume of snow that fell over the weekend. This video from St. John’s says it all and there’s many more like it online. If you’ve […]




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