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Video: Finding solutions for soil erosion

As developing countries aim for improved food security, some are faced with the challenge of increased soil erosion as trees are removed to make way for crops and livestock. See how these farmers are finding solutions to help stem the flow of soil from entering waterways and into the air. If you’ve found a weather-related […]

Video: The Wyoming blizzard of 1949

This documentary recounts the Wyoming blizzard of 1949 that saw a cold front sweep down from Canada and create a series of winter storms that lasted for 45 days. Snow drifts accumulated as high as 20-30 feet, resulting in all bus, rail and air traffic being shut down and the military having to drop in […]

Video: City of ice

For many Canadians, embracing the cold temperatures for a few months each year can be a lot to ask, but for the people of Harbin, China, it would seem they’ve welcomed the bitter cold with open arms. Each year, the world’s biggest ice and snow festival sculpts an entire city out of ice and snow. […]

Video: Winter watering for cattle

When the mercury starts to fall during winter, it’s critical to make sure your water source doesn’t freeze over and that cattle maintain access to water. In this video courtesy of Alberta Agriculture, cattle producers talk about their experiences managing water sources and cattle licking snow. If you’ve found weather-related video on YouTube that other […]

Video: Managing net wrap and twine

Weather plays a major part in nearly all aspects of agriculture, and prepping bales for winter feeding is no different. In this video by Alberta Agriculture, these cattle producers have learned what approaches work best for them in order to save time, money and avoid unnecessary frustration. If you’ve found a weather-related video on YouTube that […]

Video: Where’d that snowball go?

The first rule of any season is knowing how to make the most of it, and for these bulldogs trying to catch and retrieve snowballs, it appears they have at least grasped the idea ‘paws down.’ If you’ve found a weather-related video on YouTube that other producers may want to see, send us a link […]

Video: New Mexico feels arctic blast

You’d be forgiven if you are quick to associate New Mexico in the U.S. with warm and inviting climes, so you can imagine how residents felt when this cold and snowy blast whipped through Albuquerque on Dec. 29. The sound alone is sure to send a shiver down your spine. If you’ve found a weather-related […]

Video: Kool runnings

Ever wonder what kind of horsepower it takes to crack up sea ice and extend the shipping season? This video, posted Dec. 14, gives a quick tour of the Coast Guard’s new CCGS Captain Molly Kool, a medium-grade icebreaker brought over from Sweden for refitting and officially named earlier this month. In 1937 the ship’s […]

Video: Will plow for hay

Taking advantage of the horsepower he already had on hand is YouTuber Rod Laite with this horse-drawn snow plow clearing a path in this driveway. If you’ve found a weather-related video on YouTube that other producers may want to see, send us a link and we’ll feature it here.

Video: Deep snow in North Carolina

The heavy snow in North Carolina this past weekend may have made for nice winter scenery, but if you wanted to drive anywhere, local officials suggested you stay home as traffic accidents mounted due to hazardous driving conditions. It’s not hard to understand why as the deadly snowfall amounts ranged from 12 to as high […]




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