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Video: Winter forecast from Global News

Computer models are mixed, but La Nina weather patterns should lead to a cold and snowy winter across much of Western Canada, according to a seasonal outlook from meteorologist Anthony Farnell of Global News. Much of Ontario and Quebec are also expected to see more snow than normal, although the snow there is forecast to […]

Video: State of the Australian climate

Australia’s climate is trending warmer and drier in the southern part of the country, while northern regions are seeing increased rainfall, according to the latest State of the Climate report from the country’s Bureau of Meteorology. This video highlights the key points, with the full report available here. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on […]

Video: Saskatchewan blizzard

Saskatchewan and parts of the neighbouring Prairie provinces were hit with a blizzard on Nov. 8-9, bringing record snow levels for the time of year of up to half a metre in some areas. Schools were closed an municipal elections postponed, but cattle went about their usual business. YouTuber Colleen’s Farm Adventures posted a few […]

Video: Installing Earth’s highest weather station on Mt. Everest

Journey up Mt. Everest with National Geographic as their team fights against the elevation and the elements to install five weather stations, including the the highest on Earth. The weather stations will help gather data to provide a better understanding of climate change. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on YouTube that other producers may […]

Video: Ghost Riders in the Sky

Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and the rest of The Highwaymen performing Ghost Riders in the Sky. An almost weather-themed classic just in time for Halloween. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on YouTube that other producers may want to see, send us a link and we’ll feature it here.

Video: ‘Harvest 2020’

Search up ‘harvest 2020’ and you’ll be rewarded with endless examples of grain carts at sunset, combines in formation, and plenty of artful drone footage. You may need to hold your breath through the opening scene in this great example of the genre from YouTuber Michael Boniface in Saskatchewan. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video […]

Video: The good old days?

As another harvest wraps up across the Prairies, here’s a quick look at how it was done less than a century ago. Courtesy of the Washington State University Library, from the time when horsepower was still measured with actual horses. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on YouTube that other producers may want to see, […]

Video: Identifying frost damage in wheat

Being able to identify frost damage in wheat as soon as possible can give growers a leg up on determining how much a crop has suffered. This video courtesy of the Grains Research and Development Corporation shows where you should look for frost damage, how to identify the damage and how to best minimize frost […]

Video: Picking the veggie patch

Kicking off this YouTube video with a very friendly hello are the Veggie Boys of Pennsylvania who grow 80 acres of (you guessed it) vegetables. Here they take to the veggie patch to pick tomatoes and pumpkins after several days of continuous frost. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on YouTube that other producers may […]

Video: Gauging frost damage on soybeans

As frost falls on parts of the Prairies, its effect on soybean crops out in the field depends on several things. This video by Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers takes a look at how you can gauge frost damage on soybeans and how it impacts your yields. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on YouTube […]




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