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Video: Snowed-in in Newfoundland

If you’ve seen the news coming out of Newfoundland in recent days – or if by chance you were in the region, you likely felt slightly trapped by the sheer volume of snow that fell over the weekend. This video from St. John’s says it all and there’s many more like it online. If you’ve […]

Video: Harvest for the holidays

There’s a quote from Keystone Ag Producers president Bill Campbell on the front of the Jan. 2, 2020 edition of the Manitoba Co-operator: “…it’s not a good sign when you’re harvesting and they’re playing Christmas carols on the radio.” Here we have a video from Manitoba farmer and YouTube contributor Peter Agriconguy, showing a corn […]

Video: Fiery red haze fills Australian skies

The Australian Department of Defense released this video footage on Jan. 6, 2020, of an Australian military aircraft aiding evacuation efforts in Victoria amid a deep red haze caused by raging bush fire smoke. A high number of wildfires are burning in Australia as the country experiences dangerously high temperatures and a severe drought. If […]

Video: Assessing the first snow of the year

The first snow of the year fell about six weeks ago on Nov. 12 at Given Chances Farm. The producer in this video does a quick check-in to see how the cows are adapting to the abrupt weather change as they graze in a nearby, snow-covered hayfield. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on YouTube that […]

Video: Corn comes off, finally

Just a little over two weeks ago, the weather conditions co-operated enough for ‘Wisconsin Greg’ to get his corn harvested. The region has had its share of poor harvest conditions this season with as much as 40 per cent of corn crops in the northern U.S. state still unharvested as of Nov. 26, 2019, according […]

Video: Frosted glass

Arguably one of the more unpleasant sounds of winter is that of an ice scraper being forced across a car windshield. Luckily, it appears that the person in this video had enough heat from inside their vehicle to help free up this freezing rain from the glass – and create a fun effect as well. […]

Video: Winter feeding strategies for livestock

For a recent webinar presented by Alberta Agriculture, Barry Yaremcio, beef and forage specialist at the Alberta Ag-Info Centre, discussed feeding options for livestock producers. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on YouTube that other producers may want to see, send us a link and we’ll feature it here.

Video: Keeping it cool

Earlier in November, ’Roosty6’ had to fire up his grain auger in the cool daytime sunshine – with a little help from a propane heater – to help lower the temperature of his binned canola. Are you worried your canola in the bin could be feeling the heat? Learn more here. If you’ve found an […]

Video: Snow peas

Dubbed by some as ‘the harvest that didn’t end,’ 2019 has offered a variety of difficult harvest weather conditions ranging from overly wet fields to snow, the latter seen here in this video by Brandon Gosling who farms in Saskatchewan. If you’ve found an ag/weather-related video on YouTube that other producers may want to see, […]

Video: Waiting for harvest heat

Back in early October, cool and damp weather conditions were persisting, causing concern for Prairie farmers about crop maturity and the likelihood of a late harvest. This producer who farms near Edmonton shows how his canola pods were still a stubborn green and slow to mature due to a lack of warm weather. If you’ve […]




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