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Video: For the birds

It was feeding time for this bluejay at the edge of Dean Foote’s deck on Oct. 7, but the meal didn’t come out of the feeder without a few tugs. Bluejays are known to be somewhat tenacious, so it didn’t take long for this bird to figure it out. If you’ve found a weather-related video […]

Video: October winter ‘Wonderland’ in Calgary

This time-lapse video captures quite clearly the white menace that fell over Calgary on October 2. Yes, you read that right – October 2. If you’ve yet to see the amount of snow the area received, you may be in for a bit of a shock. If you’ve found a weather-related video on YouTube that […]

Video: Tips for long-term soybean storage

Ken Hellevang, an extension specialist with North Dakota State University, is making a prediction that U.S. farmers could be storing soybeans for an extended period of time. Here’s what you should consider if you plan to have your beans sit dormant longer than usual before taking them to market. If you’ve found a weather-related video […]

Video: Managing feed costs in winter grazing systems

Swath grazing, straw bunches and stubble grazing are just a few of the low cost approaches cattle producers in this video discuss in their effort to keep costs of production down over the winter season. If you’ve found a weather-related video on YouTube that other producers may want to see, send us a link and […]

Video: Feeding cows when feed is in short supply

In what hopefully doesn’t become a perennial issue for livestock producers, comes this presentation recorded late last year of Alberta Agriculture beef and forage specialist Barry Yaremcio on, “Tools to build a cow herd: How to feed cows through a feed shortage.” Here, Yaremcio addresses a variety of topics such as feed testing, feed types, […]

Video: Avoiding soil compaction

Is this video by the Canola Council of Canada, Marla Riekman with Manitoba Agriculture talks about how producers can identify soil compaction in their fields, when soil is at its highest risk for compaction and how it can be prevented. If you’ve found a weather-related video on YouTube that other producers may want to see, […]

Video: Harvest bombs along

Here we have video posted last week by YouTube user S. McMahon, who shows us a drone’s-eye view of a canola harvest underway near Niverville, Man., about 25 km south of Winnipeg. If you look closely, you can see the intrepid harvesters are letting their Winnipeg Blue Bombers flag fly.

Video: Late season drought stress in soybeans

Many parts of the Prairies have seen very little or merely spotty areas of rain for weeks, a concern for soybean growers needing moisture in that critical period that fills out pods and improves yield. In this video, a Wisconsin State university extension specialist shows you what signs to look for if you think your […]

Video: Avoiding loss during canola harvest

It won’t be long before canola harvest kicks into high gear on the Prairies – for those who seeded early, harvest has already begun. It’s a good feeling to get your labours off the field and into the bin, but are you measuring combine losses? This video by the Canola Council of Canada offers four […]

Video: Testing water quality for livestock

Without a quality water source, your cattle may not reach their full potential of gain or may even be exposed to harmful bacteria. But how do you know when and what to test for? Courtesy of NDSU Extension is this video on livestock water quality and how you can test your water source. If you’ve […]




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