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Video: Fencing options for winter grazing

One of the top priorities for ranchers when winter grazing cattle is fencing. This video by Alberta Agriculture goes over some of the management practices ranchers use for permanent and temporary fence lines, back up fences and more. If you’ve found any weather-related video lately on YouTube that fellow producers may want to see, send […]

Video: A combine for all seasons

Kevin Ford of Kelvington, Sask. clearly has a knack for invention. The long time town employee modified a 915 International combine into a snowblower to help with snow clearing operations. By narrowing the combine’s frame to accommodate the 110-inch wide snowblower, this converted combine now makes the big job of moving nature’s chilly wrath look easy.

Video: Feed quality in bale grazing during winter

In this video by Alberta Agriculture, ranchers share winter grazing management practices that they use in their cattle operations to help keep costs down while meeting the nutritional needs of their herds.

Video: Harvesting corn in the snow

In support of some Canadian farmers on the Prairies who may still have crops stranded in the field, take heart. Snow happens. But it doesn’t always have to put the brakes on harvest, as seen in this video of an Iowa corn farmer’s harvest in 2014.

Video: Dairy farmers deal with drought

A dairy farmer in Connecticut is under pressure as a local drought in the area is keeping his forage grass growth low, increasing the likelihood of having to open up his wallet to buy hay for his cattle.

Video: Snow grazing

A cattle producer takes a drive across his pasture to talk about what feeding practices he’s using and how well his cows are grazing over the fresh snow.

Video: Dashing through the snow

While some producers in Western Canada wait for the weather to turn in their favour so they can complete harvest, this dog is clearly enjoying the – albeit early – change in the season.

Video: Hurricane Matthew in 3-D

Hurricane Matthew’s destructive path, causing nearly immeasurable damage, has been closely followed since forming on Sept. 29, 2016. In a unique perspective, a NASA precipitation satellite recorded the powerful hurricane as a 3-D image as it made landfall over Haiti and travelled up the Florida coast.

Video: Snow comes to Saskatchewan

“Would you believe that it was plus 20 two days ago?” Uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 5, 2016, it’s easy to understand the disbelief in this narrator’s voice. Yes, snow has come to the Prairies once again. The publisher of the video is likely taking it all in stride though. Her video was uploaded to […]

Video: Proper canola storage

This video, courtesy of the Canola Council of Canada, offers canola storage procedures and tips on aeration and ventilation to help producers maintain the quality of their harvest.