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Video: Soggy North Dakota spring

As seen in our Photo of the Week, people in southern Manitoba aren’t alone in dealing with a spring melt that’s disrupted daily life. In this aerial view, the province’s neighbour to the south in North Dakota have seen similar overland flooding and flooded roads as a winter’s worth of snow makes its slow exit. […]

Video: Guardian dogs meet baby goats

Nothing says patience quite like a guardian dog calmly letting a baby goat scramble up its back. According to the poster of the video, this was the first time their Karakachan livestock guardian dogs met their highly active Nigerian dwarf kids, and from the looks of it, everyone passed the test. If you’ve found weather-related video lately […]

Video: Winter grazing systems: Feed waste and clean up in the spring

There are pros and cons to spring grazing left-over forage once winter is complete. In this video by Alberta Agriculture, hear what these producers had to say about the advantages of spring grazing and what you should aim to avoid. If you’ve found weather-related video lately on YouTube that other producers may want to see, […]

Video: Texas panhandle wildfires

Courtesy of the Texas Farm Bureau, this video meets with some of the cattle ranchers that were impacted by the raging wildfires that crossed the state earlier in March. Thousands of cattle perished in the fires and thousands of acres of grass-covered pastures were reduced to ash in the monstrous blaze. If you’ve found weather-related video lately on YouTube […]

Video: Winter blast in Newfoundland

Southern Manitoba hasn’t had all the fun recently when it comes to winter storms. As shown in this YouTube video uploaded by Len Howl, a recent winter storm in Newfoundland also packed quite a punch. If you’ve found weather-related video lately on YouTube that other producers may want to see, send us a link and we’ll […]

Video: You left the shovel in the kitchen, right?

In this YouTube video uploaded by Kaitlin Meuse, it’s clear to see that she wasn’t able to leave her house in Snow Lake, Man., anytime soon. A blizzard that began early in the day on March 7 whipped through many parts of Manitoba, leaving behind impassable snowdrifts and closing highways stranding travellers and homeowners alike. If you’ve […]

Video: Winter grazing systems: Timing access to feed

In this video courtesy of Alberta Agriculture, ranchers offer a variety of perspectives regarding timing access to feed through fencing while taking into consideration weather conditions. If you’ve found weather-related video lately on YouTube that other producers may want to see, send us a link and we’ll feature it here.

Video: How Arctic sea ice is disappearing

Arctic sea ice has not only been shrinking in surface area in recent years, it’s also becoming younger and thinner. In this animation showing the fluctuations of sea ice between 2004-2016, Dr. Walt Meier of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center describes how Arctic sea ice has undergone fundamental changes during the era of satellite measurements and […]

Video: Snow’match for a Massey

People in Nova Scotia likely weren’t feeling the love as parts of Atlantic Canada were pounded by a blizzard just before Valentine’s Day, which according to local reports, left behind as much as 80 cm of snow. Luckily for the maritimer in this video, he had the right piece of equipment to help clear the white stuff out […]

Video: Southern B.C. gets a heavy blanket of snow

The town of Princeton, B.C. was recently inundated with snow when it was caught in the path of a winter storm that blanketed much of southern British Columbia. Local reports indicated that some parts of the province got their yearly amount of snowfall in a 72-hour period. If you’ve found weather-related video on YouTube that other producers […]